What is Circumcision

The circumcision is a small procedure which involves removal of foreskin of penis. It is usually done for religious and cultural reasons but may be done for medical reasons too. The NHS does not offer the services on cultural and religious grounds. Therefore, procedure is available in private sector to meet people’s health and religious needs mostly Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities.

About Us

Wakefield Circumcision Clinic is pioneer in circumcision in Wakefield area and is based very close to City Centre. Wakefield Circumcision Clinic provides excellent service for boys aged 2 weeks to 2 years. The procedure is performed by highly qualified General Surgeons and GPs who have special skills in minor surgery.

We take pride in special and personalised care at the Wakefield Circumcision Clinic. Our dedicated teams of nurses and doctors will always be happy to happy support you before, during or after the procedure.

If you are a first time parents it can be stressful and anxious time for parents. Please go through our website for most of your common questions. Our team will explain the procedure in detail and provide you with written information on arrival. We always encourage the questions before and after the procedure and will be happy to answer any queries.