Post procedure

  • You will be given a leaflet containing written instructions about the post-operative care and advice. The duty doctor will also explain verbally what to look for and if you have any questions.

  • Its relatively a simple procedure and comes under minor surgery. The complications are rare but can happen. The common ones are bleeding and infection etc. That’s why we observe the child in clinic to make sure the bleeding has stopped. Once the bleeding is stopped, there still may be a spot of blood on nappy which is common and does not need any action. But if the bleeding is heavy or more than spotting then please contact our dedicated line for advice. Also, we make sure child passes urine before leaves the surgery. However, if the child has not passed urine 12h post operative then need to be reviewed by one of our team members or A&E.

  • The infection is rare and if it occurs will be after few days. The signs may be swollen penis and discharge or pus ooze from the wound. Please contact our dedicated line for advice and we will be happy to organise urgent appointment for review. If the child is unwell or you are concerned please contact Out of Hours GP or A&E for urgent care.

  • Good hygiene care is of paramount importance in quick recovery of the wound. This will involve frequent nappy changes to avoid prolonged and direct contact of nappy contents with penis.

  • Please avoid baby bath in first 24 hours of the procedure. After this baby should have regular luke warm bath. This will help clean the wound clean and plastibell ring will gently come off as well. Application of petroleum jelly to the inside of nappy will avoid penis tip or wound getting stuck with the nappy.

  • The normal duration for plastibell to come off is 4-10 days. However, it may come off early and there is no need to worry about it. If the plastibell has not come off after 12 days please contact our dedicated team by phone or email and a doctor will organise an appointment to see you.

  • After the plastibell comes off there may be dry scab at the wound which is normal and let it come off naturally. Its important to observe wound closely during the healing process and if any concerns contact us.

  • There are no particular feeding restrictions or advice so continue to feed your child as usual.

  • The procedure is usually painless due to local anaesthesia. The effects of local anaesthesia last for few hours. After that your child may have mild pain or distress. If the child becomes unsettled it’s perfectly fine to give paracetamol or Ibuprofen to relieve distress. It’s perfectly fine to cuddle your child during the recovery period.

  • If you have any further questions you can ask by telephone, text message or email. If you have any clinical concern we may ask for a picture which will be immediately deleted after seen by doctor.

Oncall doctor: 07878 25 30 30
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