Before Procedure

Please make sure both parents attend as this is a legal requirement.

Before the procedure one of the doctors or a team member will counsel you about the procedure and will get the consent form signed by both parents. Parents need to bring their proof of identification in the form of a driving licence or passport.

If one parent is unable to attend due to some reason – please let us know in advance. We may ask you to bring written consent of the other parent.

Please bring child passport/ Redbook etc with past medical history and immunisation for identification purposes.

On arrival at the practice please report to the reception and she will mark you arrived and inform the clinical team.


The procedure is performed by competent doctors in a safe clinical environment with excellent postop care and infection control procedures. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia to avoid distress to the baby. This involves either a small needle to inject around the foreskin or a numbing cream. The parents are welcome to stay but its not necessary and is based upon personal choice.

We will discuss with parents which method we use to perform procedure as it may vary due to the age of baby. Most common technique used is called Plastibelle which is a safe technique and had a lot of safety data worldwide. However, in older children open method may be the preferred method.

How long the Procedure Takes

The procedure itself takes 10-20 minutes but you may spend one and half hour at the clinic. This is due to consent, counselling and post procedure care. We try to observe child for some time post procedure to make sure no immediate complications etc.